Unholy Avenger

this dark place
this rage
this destruction

does not belong to ..

beaten down
returning stronger
teeth clenched
pounding in my head

i am walking across the world
i am the coming storm
the sky aflame
the earth torn asunder
before me

echoing thunder
laying waste to the wicked
and the innocent
let the blood flow
through the streets

the lord is my ..

a single rose
for my only love
upon her tender grave
torn from life
so cruelly

she was only ..

i am justice
i am vengeance
i am the sword

in the thrall of love denied
love stolen
love annihilated

fear my path of unholy 
flee from me
blood soaked valkyrie
look with awe upon my
reign of terror

before i fall
fury spent

skewered by swords
of those who will 

what have i ..

            by Adam Love © 2006