Ethereal Visions

in thru the out door
looking at the world sideways
there's a crack in the universe
step inside

and meet the future
that you created
with your own mind
a fantastical place
where you're at the pinnacle
admired & revered by all
having disproven the naysayers
accomplished amazing things
made your indelible mark
and married to the one
who you loved the the most
in your life

or else
if you never dreamed
never fought for a cause
never dared to believe in yourself
never survived the dark night
of the soul

then you meet a world
that looks pretty much the same
as this one.  Except ...

you're older, sadder
and the spark of life,
instead of being a roaring flame,
is a tiny red glow

Waiting for cold death.

            by Adam Love © 2006