Black-Maned Pegasus

o great steed, the hour is nigh
ye messenger of night
at the last glimmer
of waning light


along the longest road
packs laden with gifts
of incense & rare jewels
for winged flight

be swift!
journey among the dark 
twisting pathways
the haunted lanes
'cross moonlit streams
to search out
the hiding place
of my true 

be fleet!
await not calamity
nor tumult, away
thru perilous night
'cross fierce tundra white

bearing a treasure
torn by mine own hand
from my very soul

destined for her,
who waits alone
by wavering lamplight


tarry not a moment
lest her heart
change as the leaves

ere my precious gift
arrive, alas
too late

ere the glass break
& my tortured soul escape

and all is lost
o mighty steed


            by Adam Love © 2006