On a Dark Night

the helicopters swoop in 
firing at anything that moves
bombs are bursting in air
the glorious deafening ring of victory
people wearing afghans are scrambling 
among the rocks
dots that don't really exist
that factory, we must take it out

rockets are screaming across the sky
a sudden flash
the ground shakes


I run to the shadow of a broken wall
looking for mother

we will never have school again
i sit down a on a broken sign
where is my brother?
they will never find me

my leg is bleeding
i look at it like some foreign thing
someone is shooting down the street
my heart leaps as i see a giant step into the alley
he has a round helmet and a huge gun

the enemy

they killed my father
and my sister
what is my life now

he runs to another building

i get up and grab a rock
run out and throw it at him
what is my life now

i will die like my father 
go to my family

this is a dark place

they came to crush us
watch our blood run in the streets
murderers of my people

i run up to the door shouting yelling swearing
there are guns shooting inside
i have a pointed stick in my hand
i open the door
he is there
the giant
lying on the floor in a pool of blood

two of my brothers are shouting at me
you stupid boy! we almost shot you

Ahmed grabs my arm
wrenches me out to the street
my head is throbbing
we are going home

mother, please be alive


            by Adam Love © 2006