The Deep

This is where i keep my dreams
in this rusty chest at the bottom of the sea
my shipwreck that no one will ever find

my words that will never be spoken
overgrown with coral, dark as death, 
eels swim through the holes, menacing.

I come here when I need to believe
when i need to live again
she will never speak to me
but here, it doesn't matter
i don't give a damn

i love who i choose, i feel what i feel
and no one can do a thing about it.

they can all go to hell
this is who i am
and no one will ever see me here
the water flows through the cracks

maybe someday a diver will come down here
and the sharks will take him down
this is no place for the vain, the heartless, the frivolous
this is my holy grail
only the pure may enter.

            by Adam Love © 2006