Alone I look for something
There's a door that lets the morning in
but it's closed to me

And when I ask you what it means
you say it's something in my dreams
that burns my soul
not what it seems

One more day that lets you go
A tearful smile before you go
I broke my bones
upon your door

Even through the golden sun
there's a place where you can run
and bleed before
the day is done

It breaks my heart to touch you now
I held you up I took you down
Something was lost that
I've never found

All across this broken land
something calls I don't understand
scratched on my grave
in a broken hand

I love you, God I love you
I never had the heart to tell you
But really that was all
that took me through

Lost in this brooding darkness
I sleep under shining stars
Do you ever wonder
who we are

A simple rhyme to tell you
What I could never tell you

Beyond the darkness
there's only you.

            by Adam Love © 2006