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   Adam's Unbirthday Party 2009
On Halloween, October 31st, the theme was "White as a Sheet", so everyone wore a mostly white costume. It was a lot of fun!
   Mount Nemo Caving 2009
On June 6th Adam, Stephanie, Kyle and Sally went to Mount Nemo, a great place for hiking and caving on the Ontario Escarpment. It was awesome!
   China Trip 2009 (1)
Adam went to China from March 28th to April 6th, 2009, and got married to Jenny Wu.

   China Trip 2009 (2)
More pictures of Adam in China, March-April 2009.
   China Trip 2009 (3)
Yet more pictures of Adam in China, March-April 2009.

   Steph's Birthday 2009 (1)
Stephanie's Birthday, January 2009.
   Steph's Birthday 2009 (2)
More birthday pics.

   Rattlesnake Point II 2008
Went back to Rattlesnake Point and this time we hiked through the forest to Crawford Lake. No caving!
   Bush Party  Jun 2007
A bunch of us went to Kyle's outback for camping, paintball-shooting, woods bocce-ball, dodgeball, fireworks and, uhh, euchre.

   Adam's Unbirthday Oct 2006
We came up with some really nice costumes this year. AJ brought his electro-shock game, and Twister was quite a battle.
   Friends 2006
These are some random pictures of friends taken over the last year or so, including some from the Exeter Survivor event and Ryan's birthday party.

   Rattlesnake Point 2006
Kyle, Steph and I went to Rattlesnake Point, a nature park south of Toronto, looking for caves and ancient artifacts. We did find some caves...
   Canada Day 2006
Every Canada Day AJ creates some crazy cardboard factory and loads it with fireworks. This year I also got in on the act, creating a Disney Castle.

   Middle Ages, Part One 2005
My three friends and I spent a week camping in Pennsylvania at a huge Middle Ages-themed event. We put up our tents, put on our outfits and had a lot of fun.
   Middle Ages, Part Two 2005
We got pretty silly in the evening when it was too dark to see well, but too early for campfire parties.

   Middle Ages, Part Three 2005
On the last day we walked around, had some lunch and were attacked by a monster!
   Adam's Unbirthday 2005
This was my first "real" costumed birthday party, held on April Fool's Day. We played various silly games and everyone competed for dollar-store prizes.

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