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Steffaroo as Pocahantas!

Gypsy/Tribal/Belly Dancing:

Steph is a fabulous dancer! She's been dancing for a few years in the Banjara Dance Company. She does her own choreography and has her own unique style.

Nia Dance Aerobics:

She also is a professional Nia dance instructor in London. Nia is a fun new form of dance aerobics. Check it out!

Subconscious Random Obliteration:

Stephanie has the amazing ability to randomly obliterate you from her existence. For example, sometimes I can walk into a room that she's in, make breakfast, eat breakfast and then walk away and afterwards Steph will say, "Where's Adam?" not realizing that I was ever there. Her peripheral vision kinda sucks too...

All About Stephanie
Stephanie is is a great friend and also one of my two roommates. She has a crazy sense of humor and a fun personality. We often go roller blading in the summer and ice skating in the winter. Steph likes to play board games and some video games too, especially the new Nintendo Wii.

She is very creative. She can design her own clothes, she's a good artist and she can make things. Overall I'd say she's very talented and she will probably be famous some day.

Here's Steph and friends acting crazy at a Survivor camping weekend.

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