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Ryan says CHEERS!!
English Teacher:

Ryan teaches at the Hogwarts School of.. uh, I mean at Sylvan Learning Center, and he's also a part-time high school English teacher. It's only a matter of time before he teaches full time, bringing exams, grammar drills, spelling bees, book reports and other forms of excruciating pain to countless high school kids.

Broom Flying:

Ryan first learned to fly on a broom after mistakenly licking a poisonous toad. Now he only does it as a party trick.

International Man of Mystery:

On weekends Ryan and Kyle solve crimes for the Canadian Secret Service. Their code names are Hong Chow and Crocodile Jake. Oops, forget I said that...

All About Ryan
I've known Ryan for, like, 15 years and he is really an awesome guy! And he's part of the Jarvis Clan, so you just can't beat that. Ryan loves to talk and tell stories, and he's very sociable. He's the friendliest person you could ever want to meet, and he'd help you out in a second, unless you forgot to return his DVD movies, in which case you are CUT OFF!

Ryan has a Thing for famous people. His room is covered wall to wall with autographed pictures of famous actors and writers. He's the consummate Fan.

Ryan and Steph trying to destroy my Disney Castle. It's an outrage!

When Ryan is not telling tall tales at the local pub, he enjoys hacking up small furry animals with an axe. No, I'm kidding. But don't mess with him, just in case.

He is well-known in parts of the U.S...

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