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Role Playing:

Kyle builds worlds out of his imagination. Literally! He is by far the best role-playing DM I've ever met. He has designed many fully-realised worlds complete with cities, histories, politics, and the whole story arc that comes with it. When you play a game with Kyle, you feel like you're living there and making a difference. He's a great story teller. I think Kyle will make a great fantasy writer someday.


Kyle likes games of all kinds (board games, video games, outdoor games), and he's a shrewd strategist. Which is a nice way of saying, he beats me a lot and it's very annoying. But he's a very good sport so you can't be annoyed for too long.

Pure Evil:

Kyle has a Dark Side which is pure evil. Here he is with a poor little dog which he later sacrificed on the altar of the evil God Cthulhu. We don't know much about Kyle's dark side, but we do know that he hardly sleeps or eats at all, and he passionately hates squirrels.

All About Kyle
Kyle is a great friend and roommate. I don't really understand him, but then I have a lot of strange friends so he fits right in.

Kyle loves to discuss and debate just about any topic, and his crushing logic (or cleverly deceptive arguments) can be maddening. We sometimes spend hours debating the smallest trivial things, but it's always fascinating what you can learn from it.

Kyle will also throw the most oddball comments at you, just to get your reaction, often sparking yet another crazy debate. With Kyle around, life is always interesting!

Here's Kyle acting crazy at a Survivor camping weekend. Kyle is a total ham for the camera. It's hard to get a "normal" picture of him.

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