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AJ in Sin City!
"Damn it feels good to be a gangsta!"

AJ made this awesome costume for Halloween, and afterwards he dismembered Elijah Wood. No really, he did.

So much cuteness! This hot couple is engaged! They are planning to have their wedding on their home planet, Halo X-7.

In his spare time, AJ drives down to Detroit and pops VW hub caps with a golf club for extra cash.

All About AJ
My friend AJ is very strange! He has a weird sense of humor and he comes up with the oddest projects. For example, his fireworks factories, his obsession with anything that shoots (slingshots, water guns, paintball guns, FPS games) his outlandish Halloween costumes (last year he was a massive robot, complete with lights) and his collection mania (he has 2000 HeroClix figures, and hundreds of Star Wars figures).

AJ is just fun to be around. I think he would make a great B-Movie TV show host, or host of a podcasting show.

Here's AJ posing next to his latest exploding factory creation, a casino.

Here he is in the woods during a Survivor weekend.

AJ and Megan are obviously from another planet - Pedro is their mutant overlord.

© 2007 Adam Love